Hudba, hudební produkce

Music, music performance


Needless to say – music represents an integral part of a wedding ceremony, reception and of the afterwards party.

It is possible to arrange for recorded music or live music to the accompaniment of your wedding ceremony:

  • String quartet
  • Violoncello
  • Harp
  • Violin

For the afternoon or evening party we recommend well proven music bands or DJs that can create a cheerful atmosphere, pep up your guests so they might be in high spirits and danse till the morning.

Links to the disk jockeys we team up with:

Name Website
Pavel Janovský
Martin Cihlář
Radek Houška
Jiří Ježek

Should you have any queries about this offer, please let us know - email, call by phone or fill up the contact form in the section wedding booking.

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