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Wedding services and accommodation


Years long we have hosted plenty of exceptional and unforgettable weddings and had opportunities to deal with lots of suppliers and service providers among which we would like to recommend you the best ones.

It is possible to address them your queries if you order either a complete wedding day or just a wedding ceremony at our castle.

Wedding services at Loučeň castle

  • Accommodation for newlyweds
  • Accommodation for wedding guests
  • Wedding coordinator's services
  • Flower decoration
  • Photos and videorecording
  • Professional make-up and hairdressing
  • Wedding cakes, pastry, boxes of sweets to take home
  • Music performance or recorded music
  • Special guided tour through the castle
  • Collection and transportation of wedding guests

Complete services

Ubytovaní pro novomanžele

Accommodation for newlyweds

For the married couple we offer accommodation at the wedding day or a day before in the for the honoured guests reserved wing of the castle or in the small House of the Prince Alexander. More information

Ubytovaní pro svatební hosty

Accommodation for wedding guests

The beautiful 4-star hotel Maxmilian Lifestyle Resort in the proximity of the castle, a few steps from wedding venue, boasts outstanding comfort ambiance. More information

Svatební koordinace

Wedding coordination

We are proud to have a long experience of wedding organizing. We were among the first to have started providing complete services, including the appointment of a wedding coordinator who is always ready to advise, help and listen to your problems. More information

Květiny a dekorace

Flowers and decorations

Everything matching together, harmony and singularity of the moments. The florists will be glad to set up the overall decoration – make and deliver the bouquets not only for the bride, but also for the maids of honour and other wedding guests, dress the wedding table with fresh floral arrangement, etc. More information

Foto a video

Wedding photos and videorecording

The wedding day has unfortunately 24 hours only, you can however recall it thanks to photos and videos at any time. The services of an outstanding photographer or cameraman for capturing emotions, joy, cheerfulness, tears, wedded bliss, caresses and congratulations will be undoubtedly highly appreciated. It is what makes a truly unique quality of wedding photos with stunning backdrops of our beautiful castle and its garden park. More information

Make-up, účes

Professional make-up and hairdressing

We can provide the bride who would look sensationally with a hairdresser or make-up artist who will come directly to the Loučeň castle. More information

Svatební dorty, koláčky a výslužk

Wedding cakes, pastry, boxes of sweets to take home

Cutting and portioning of the wedding cake presents for most of the guests one of the favourite moments. We can have the cakes baked to fit your imagination and have delicious home-made wedding cookies delivered – in classical corner shape. We can also prepare for your wedding guests the boxes of sweets to take home luxuriously wrapped with a thank-you note of yours. More information

Hudba, hudební produkce

Music, music performance

Needless to say – music represents an integral part of a wedding ceremony, reception and of the afterwards party. More information

Svatební prohlídka zámku

Guided tour for wedding guests

It is an ideal opportunity how to entertain your guests while you will be taking your portrait photos. His Princely Highness, the Princess herself or another member of the princely family will lead your wedding guests through the interiors of the Loučeň castle. The tour takes 55 minutes, and it will perfectly entertain them. Be welcome! More information

Doprava/ Transport pro svatební hosty

Collection and transportation of wedding guests

Wherever your guests come from, we will be pleased to pick them at any place in our country or collect them from the airport. It would be senseless to abstain from a glass of exquisite wine because you will be driving. The ideal solution is the individual or collective transportation of wedding guests. More information

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