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Wedding reception

Wedding reception

The wedding at the castle also means an opulent wedding reception with bowls of delicious food and glasses of exquisite wine.

“Chateau Exclusive” wedding reception venue

Banketové prostory v přízemí zámku – 6 propojených salonků

Banket rooms on the castle ground floor – six interconnected salons

We recommend organizing reception on the ground floor of the castle that encompasses six salons. The main room goes on the castle terrace with a charming view. The overall surface of the banquet rooms is 240 m2.

The seating capacity in the Teresia salon depends on the seating plan and is limited to 65 persons. By connecting of the neighbouring rooms it is possible to increase the capacity up to 140 persons.

The adjacent banqueting rooms can be used as ballrooms, children´s playroom, relaxing zone. Obviously there is also a bar. The buffet format of serving meals allows to make use of the terrace and increase the seating capacity up to 180 – 200 persons.

Crossover stany na zámecké terase

Crossover tents on the castle terrace

The rental of the banqueting rooms on the grand floor also includes the entry to the castle terrace with a nice view on the landscaped region along the river Elbe. The price of two crossover tents of dimensions 2 x 8 x 8 metres, that provide the terrace with shadow, is also included in the “Château Exclusif” wedding package. It is also possible to give the wedding reception under the tents on the terrace.

It is up to you to decide to hold the reception in the castle interiors or on the terrace. Both variants are fully at your disposal. The tents have an overall capacity of 90 seats. It is possible to order for a price supplement at an external supplier a third tent and increase the capacity up to 140 persons.

Zámecká oranžérie

Castle Orangery

As an alternative venue of “Chateau Exclusive” wedding package we also offer you the Orangery located in the immediate proximity of the castle. This large glasshouse with wooden floor suggesting the industrial buildings style is primarily suitable for hosting high number of wedding guests. The Orangery provides space for a wedding reception from 60 up to 110 guests (depending of course on the seating plan).

Banqueting rooms, castle terrace, Orangery

“Chateau Aristocratic” wedding reception venue

Dining room

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