Svatební koordinace

Wedding coordination


We are proud to have a long experience of wedding organizing. We were among the first to have started providing complete services, including the appointment of a wedding coordinator who is always ready to advise, help and listen to your problems.

It will not be needed to engage a wedding agency. A complete wedding will be solved step by step. The coordinator will tailor bit by bit your ultimate day to your tastes.

He/she does not show off, but always gives a hand to you, your family and friends when needed and relieves from worries that usually accompany wedding preparations. At the very wedding day, he/she will care about everything concerning the smooth course of the wedding ceremony, instruct and lead you as well as other wedding guests throughout the ceremony and will see to making your wedding day flawless.

Should you have any queries about this offer, please let us know - email, call by phone or fill up the contact form in the section wedding booking.

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