Zimní svatební jiskření

Wedding ceremony „Wintery sparkling”

Originální svatební obřad v zimních měsících

This offer will certainly draw attention not only of “Snow Queens”. This concept is dedicated to those people who gladly substitute the wedding in the open air to that one taking pace in the spectacular settings of castle interiors with the scent of mulled wine and perhaps snow-covered labyrinths.

This offer ist limited to the time periods from 01. 12. 2020 to 28. 02. 2021 /and
0from 01. 12. 2021 to 31. 12. 2021

The Wedding ceremony „Wintery sparkling” includes:

  • Rental of wedding venue area
  • Organization of wedding ceremony at the very wedding day
  • Floral decoration of the ceremonial desk
  • Public address system in the area
  • Sparkling wine toast for newly married couple, witnesses and wedding officiant immediately after the wedding ceremony
  • Red carpet
  • Possibility of taking photographs anywhere in the castle park
  • Recorded music during the ceremony

Should you have any queries about this offer, please let us know - email, call by phone or fill up the contact form in the section wedding booking.

The Wedding ceremony „Wintery sparkling - photo-gallery

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