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Wedding ceremony at the castle Loučeň


Our wedding ceremonies are destinated to those who have decided to say their vows in the stunning settings of our beautiful castle and who prefer however to have hilarious revelling with their friends somewhere else.

Fabulous historic surroundings, unforgettable experience that you and your wedding guests will remember for a long time. There is an array of possibilities we have pleasure to offer you: spring romance, summer wedding in the open air, religious wedding in church or a snowy fairy-tale wedding. It is only up to you to make a choice according to your preferences.

Complete overview

Svatební obřad na zámku Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita Wedding ceremony

The only name of this ceremony “Sweet Life” or “Dolce Vita” already suggests what is behind this offer. The interiors of our beautiful romantic Loučeň castle will form perfect settings for the wedding you have dreamt about and a place from where your common life will start unfolding. We will do our best to help you so that the outset of your marital life might be marked with nice and unforgettable moments that you and your guests will cherish for a lifetime. More information

Svatební obřad na zámku Bellissima

Wedding ceremony Bellissima

The wedding ceremony with bearing the romantic name “Bellissima” has been tailored to the highly demanding people who pick their own style and wish to offer an astounding experience for guest. The people who opt for “Bellissima” wedding can enjoy the planning and leave the work up to the smallest details to us. More information

Svatební obřad na zámku Zimní jiskření

Wedding ceremony „Wintery sparkling”

This offer will certainly draw attention not only of “Snow Queens”. This concept is dedicated to those people who gladly substitute the wedding in the open air to that one taking pace in the spectacular settings of castle interiors with the scent of mulled wine and perhaps snow-covered labyrinths. More information

Svatební obřad církevní

Catholic religious wedding

The wedding ceremony “Dolce Vita”, “Bellissima” or “Wintery Sparkling” can be conceived as a religious ceremony as well. You could take your marital vows at the catholic baroque church of Virgin Mary Assumption which flanks the castle provided that at least one of the fiancés has been baptized as Catholic. The formalities concerning the marriage must be discussed directly with the parish priest. More information

Svatební obřad církevní

Alternative wedding ceremony

In case you would like to make your vows before God, however you do not meet the required conditions of a catholic ceremony, you can opt for an alternative ceremony officiated by a cleric of the Unitarian or Apostolic Church. Upon an agreement, these alternative ceremonies featured as “Dolce Vita”, “Bellissima” or “Wintery Sparkling” can take place in the open air in the castle park or indoors, in the castle. More information

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