Labyrintarium and park

Labyrinths and park


Twelve garden labyrinths and mazes at one place, in the greenery of the historical English park. This is the Labyrintarium Loučeň. A place suitable for having fun, relaxation and meditation. A place suitable for a trip for a small child, a couple in love loving exercise, parents looking for an original place of active rest and also for your sensitive grandma.

Labyrinths and mazes

The set of twelve labyrinths and mazes at Loučeň enters not only into your hearts but also into the Czech language vocabulary. The operator of the Loučeň labyrinths has applied for patenting of a new word - labyrintarium - and its introduction into the dictionaries of the literary Czech language. We appreciate devising for you the things that are not only new but really innovative. And which you won't be able to learn to know or experience for a long time anywhere else than exactly at Loučeň. The labyrintarium is only the most visible one of these acts of ours for you.

What are labyrinths

If you look for something that has no parallel in Bohemia and not even in Europe, then the Castle Loučeň is the right address for you. The labyrintarium situated in the Loučeň castle park is exactly the rarity you are looking for.

The garden labyrinths are not only fashionable but at the same time this is an atemporal matter, which is and will remain generally attractive. And the reason is above all because:

  • the labyrinths are amusing
  • the labyrinths are magic
  • the labyrinths have an ability to recharge your decreasing energy
Labyrinty a bludiště
Labyrinths and mazes

Labyrinths and mazes

When you enter the park with the labyrintarium you will receive together with your entrance ticket a well-arranged layout plan of all twelve labyrinths and mazes designed by the Englishman Adrian Fisher, for sure the best- known contemporary world labyrinth designer.

Zámecký park

Castle park

Almost until the middle of the 19th century, the castle was surrounded by a French baroque garden. Subsequently, the House of Thurn and Taxis succumbed to the period fashion of Romanticism and since 1838 they have started to transform the garden significantly in the style of English parks.

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