Good meal must be a part of every trip or stay

And we, the Czechs, know very well that "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". During your visit to our castle you can eat from morning till evening and try out all our "refreshment places".

Offer of gastronomy at the Castle Loučeň is highly varied - from a fast food as far as to the Gourmet Restaurant Maxmilián in the castle hotel.

Hotel Maxmilián Restaurant

Restaurant Ferdinand

Ferdinand restaurant is one of the restaurants of the castle hotel Maxmilián Lifestyle Resort. This restaurant is open to hotel guests in the morning and serves breakfast. Restaurant Ferdinand has more than 100 seats and is very variable. As part of corporate events, meetings and conferences, this restaurant, with regard to its capacity, is used by groups. Adjacent to the Ferdinand restaurant is a beautiful covered outdoor garden with a capacity of 50 seats.

Hotel Maxmilián Restaurant

Bar & Restaurant Maxmilián

Restaurant Maxmilián is the second hotel restaurant primarily intended for those who came to our resort to enjoy romance and want to enjoy sitting with a good glass of wine and selected dishes. The Maxmilián restaurant has a capacity of 68 seats and it is good to reserve a table in this restaurant in advance for the evening. The Maxmilián restaurant is available not only to hotel guests.
Opening hours of the Maxmilian restaurant:
Bar & garden: Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 23:00
Restaurant: Restaurant: Monday-Sunday 12:00 - 15:30 (daily menu) | 19:00 - 21:30 (served three-course menu)

Vtipná kaše Restaurant

Funny porridge Restaurant

Self-service restaurant Funny porridge / about 150 meters with a large garden and beautiful views located on the terrace of the castle is open in the summer season, on weekends, holidays and vacations. O gastronomic services self - service restaurant Funny porridge is of interest especially in the peak season between visitors to the castle park and exposition.
The offer in this restaurant is, in contrast to the hotel restaurant, rather classic home-made Czech cuisine, p famous sirloin and stuffed potato dumplings. But only here you can have a funny porridge and Poppies with poppy seeds, our unique dishes. The meal offers good draft beer, a selection of soft drinks and homemade lemonade.

Fast food

Fast food and ice cream

Other dining options are during the tourist season in the castle park with labyrinths stalls with classic fast food, ice cream, but also good coffee and fruit cocktails.

Picnic baskets

Picnic baskets

Do you have a sense of romance? Then don't satisfy the empty stomach feeling just in an ordinary way. Feast in the nature, on a green meadow, under the crowns of hundred-year-old trees. We offer the picnic baskets from 30 April to October 31.

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