Svatba na zámku Chateau Exklusive

Wedding at the castle “Chateau Exclusive”


We have prepared for your intention an offer of a complete wedding package which contains the most important services that will allow you to enjoy your wedding day peacefully and without any stress at a single one place only, where you could get anything what is needed including the wedding ceremony, reception and accommodation… that is what the “Chateau Exclusive” involves.

As regards the “Chateau Exclusive”, this wedding concept presumes the exclusive lease of the castle venue, which also means organizing one single ceremony at the chosen day only.

Svatba na zámku Chateau Exclusive 1
Svatba na zámku Chateau Exclusive 2

The wedding “Chateau Exclusive” includes:

  • Exclusive lease of wedding venue area
  • Floral decoration of the ceremonial area
  • Live music during the wedding ceremony
  • Sparkling wine after the wedding ceremony
  • Possibility of taking photographs in the castle park and in the castle exhibition rooms
  • Organization of the wedding ceremony
  • Exclusive rental of wedding ceremony area
  • Lease of 2 cross-over tents on the terrace affording congenial shade during the whole day
  • Evening illumination of the tents in your wedding colours
  • Wedding or sitting-down tables for 20 – 90 guests. An increased number of guests is possible according to a special agreement and quoting
  • Furnishing and other equipment for the requested guest number
  • Tablecloths and furniture covering in white or cream colour
  • Basic decorating apart flowers
  • Accommodation for newly-weds in one of the three castle suites or in the House of Prince Alexander
  • Wedding coordinator's services
  • Photo-corner

Should you have any queries about this offer, please let us know - email, call by phone or fill up the contact form in the section wedding booking.

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