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The castle and the castle tours


The Loučeň castle is a romantic baroque monument with well-preserved interiors. It is surrounded by a vast landscaped park containing a European rarity – a complex of twelve labyrinths and mazes. The castle can be exclusively visited in company of a costumed guide. The castle also organizes special tours for children or tours with chocolate tasting, different skill contests or peculiar event days and festivities. The castle also offers to visitors the possibility of having picnic in the park. You can order a picknick basket that will make your trip more pleasant.

Price list and opening hours

Price list and opening hours

Formerly the Castle Loučeň used to be accessible from March to December. It opened already before the Easter and we parted with the season on the last Advent Sunday. But now we'd like to announce you: since 2011 the Castle Loučeň has been open continuously all the year round! More

Prohlídky zámku

Castle tours

A tour around the castle, not an ordinary one but with a prince, a princess or with their valet, a forester or even a White Lady. A well-maintained castle park with a European rarity - eleven amusing labyrinths and mazes. This is the Castle Loučeň, only an hour drive from Prague in the north-eastern direction. It is open for you 12 months a year. One of the 10 most visited castles and châteaux of the Czech Republic never has a rest. More

About castle

About castle

In the Middle Ages and early modern times not very famous or significant names of the owners took turns at Loučeň. The Thirty Years' War meant a principal change for the history of the manor. At that time, to be specific in 1623, the Wallensteins came to Loučeň. Since then Loučeň has not been sold, which shows its value indirectly. More

Labyrintarium and park

Labyrintarium and park

Eleven garden labyrinths and mazes at one place, in the greenery of the historical English park. This is the labyrintarium Loučeň. A place suitable for having fun, relaxation and meditation. A place suitable for a trip for a small child, a couple in love loving exercise, parents looking for an original place of active rest and also for your sensitive grandma. More

Rezervace prohlídek

Booking of the tours

The castle grounds offer more attractive events to the tours. For which of them is it worth to book a tour in advance? More

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