Castle Loučeň

The Loučeň castle


The Loučeň castle is a romantic baroque monument with well-preserved interiors. It is surrounded by a vast landscaped park containing a European rarity – a complex of twelve labyrinths and mazes. The castle can be exclusively visited in company of a costumed guide. The castle also organizes special tours for children or tours with chocolate tasting, different skill contests or peculiar event days and festivities. The castle also offers to visitors the possibility of having picnic in the park. You can order a picknick basket that will make your trip more pleasant.

Visiting the Loučeň castle

The Loučeň castle is an ideal site where you can get easing of tensions, set your mind at rest or you can even broaden your background in history. You will be guided through the castle interiors by a costumed person – the butler or by His Highness the Prince himself or Her Highness the Princess on her own. You wouldn´t be bored to learn lots of dull facts, tedious historical data and meaningless names, but you will hear charming stories about the inhabitants of the castle who lived here hundred years ago. Beside classical tours with costumed guides the visitors can enjoy the strolling through the historic interiors together with chocolate tasting or in company of a mysterious White Lady. If the visitors opt for the great circuit, they will have the possibility to inspect the castle from the cellar up to the loft. If you wish to make your children happy, we recommend you getting your time right to manage the beginning of the tour destined to children. It is suitable for children over three.

After leaving the castle do not forget to go to see the labyrinths in the castle park. The set of twelve completely different labyrinths and mazes is a tourist attraction distinguishing the Loučeň castle from the other ones in Europe.

The castle grounds

The romantic souls will certainly admire the castle park with its exotic ornamental trees ands shrubs. In the first place they will admire the protected tulip tree (Liriodendron) that originates from North America. This tree is already 170 years old, and it flowers each year in late Mai or early June having exuberant yellow tuliplike blossoms. You can relish your picnic under hundreds of years old beeches or under a sturdy hollow tree. You can obviously order a picknick basket that will make your trip more pleasant. Our staff will also provide you with a blanket or mat. Romantic people can stay overnight in the Small House of the Prince Alexander. You can relax undisturbed in this two-storey half-timbered villa or in one of in period style suite directly in the castle or in the Hotel Maxmilian, former administrative building of the princely estate.

We wish you to spend pleasant moments at the Loučeň castle. Be aware that we are open 12 months a year.

Prominent visitors to the Castle Loučeň

During its history, the Castle Loučeň was visited by a number of prominent guests - the Austrian Emperor and Napoleon's big enemy, Franz I, the American writer Mark Twain, the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke, the Czech national composer Bedřich Smetana, the successful English jockey and the triple winner of Velká Pardubická Steeplechase Richard Fletcher, or on behalf of all famous women Alice Masaryková, the well-known charity supporter and the daughter of the President Tomáš Garrique Masaryk. We will really appreciate if the list of the castle guests will contain also your name or the name of your close relatives or friends.

History of the Castle Loučeň

History of the Castle Loučeň

In the Middle Ages and early modern times not very famous or significant names of the owners took turns at Loučeň. The Thirty Years' War meant a principal change for the history of the manor. At that time, to be specific in 1623, the Wallensteins came to Loučeň. Since then Loučeň has not been sold, which shows its value indirectly.

Restoration of the Castle Loučeň

Restoration of the Castle Loučeň

The present owner, joint-stock company Loučeň, started a large restoration project after having purchased the castle in 2000. A part of it was also overall renewal of the castle grounds – thus not only of the castle itself but also of the valuable English park surrounding it. In addition to that, reconstruction of the hotel in the lower, border part of the castle park was carried out.

Great exposition

Great exposition

In the same way as in case of the labyrinths in the castle park, the first visitors also saw the castle exposition on the magic date of 07.07.2007. Everybody who has prepared the castle exposition and who has been improving it still further believes that an extraordinarily strong constellation of the number seven in this date will enchant your senses also any time later and that you will take back with you a remarkable experience both from the Castle Loučeň as well as from the castle park.

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